The Barbie Dolls Diaries

With Barbie doll house designs most times it starts and ends with you. What you want determines what you get. Think about different ways that you relate to the items in your home. Most times you will find that who you are will influence any area of your life including what you find for your Barbie Doll, as a collector. In particular her new doll house.

Who is Barbie to you?

Yes who is Barbie and how do you relate to her doll home?

Barbie doll house plans can be the most creative plans around. Mainly because of the way that Barbie has been promoted by her creator. We have all seen Barbie dolls or are familiar with them. She really has been there, done that, in just about every situation possible.

Many children find her endearing and imaginative. Not to mention we adults. No kidding children and adults can get carried away for hours imagining Barbie in her world. Just watching a child with her and you realize that.

A key question to ask yourself as you begin a new doll house plan is: What is it about her that makes us relive in part our childhood so easily? Maybe it's the way that she just reminds us of ourselves so much. Do you think? Or is it that she reminds us of who we would like to be? Someone who is stylish, confident, or successful?

Possibly the person who created her was thinking in part of themselves as a child. And possibly what would entertain them. And this is precisely the mental state you have to claim if you intend to make an original Barbie doll house plan for yourself or someone else. What do you have inside of you to offer this challenge?

Also Barbie has had just about every style you can imagine. But if you have never created for her, then she has never had your style before because no two people create alike. So the atmosphere is ripe for you to put your design out there for yourself or others to gain from.
So Barbie is for all these reasons a very personal fashion doll.

However just how does one fashion an original doll house for Barbie?

Step 1: Know What you Like or Do Not Like...

Imagine for a moment that you are looking for a new home for you. That's right, what would you look for? What are your likes or dislikes? Begin listing all these ideas out. Then draw each room in this doll house the way you see it.

Possibly Barbie would want what you want. We always tell people to live their own lives and not try to live out their lives in their children. Well here is one area that quite possibly we could get to live out our own expectations in.

Yes everything you wish for yourself try to give or get for Barbie. In miniature.

Imagine your perfect kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, study, recreation or laundry room. What have you always wanted in these areas?

Yes it is rather hard to purchase these kinds of designer goodies for Barbie. Yes the assortment is rather plastic is it not? We understand the hardship of trying to come up with never before created items that just make you want to get your hands on them.

Simply because they rarely exist.

But the good news is: this is where you come in. No two people create the same. So excel with what is inside you and create all the plans and items you want and have a passion for.

Step 2: Study the techniques and designs of others...

Today with the internet, studying techniques and designs of others is relatively easy. We truly have the world at our finger tips.

So begin by searching online for various ideas. Study the way that people have put there designs together. List out the websites you come across and for sure save them as your favorites.

Some search terms to use are: Barbie doll house(s), fashion doll house(s), doll house(s), dollshouse(s), or dollhouse(s). These terms may seem similar in nature but each one will bring back a few different results than the last. Remember to do plural term searches as well as singular. You may pull back a particular gem you were not aware of before.

As well purposely seek out talented trades people in your area. Even if it is someone who works on local construction projects of the human size. They know the "how-to(s)" of construction and this site can give you pointers to head you in the right direction.

Also if you have a doll house creator in your area it would be a huge plus to go and observe for a period of time what and how they are doing what they do. Ask them if it is possible to hang out for several afternoons. It never hurts to ask.

So, if allowed, take plenty of notes (don't waste your time or theirs) and make sure you ask them nicely if they mind you asking a tonne of questions. Most people will love to share with you. However that said, some will not. So ask permission to quiz them about their processes.

Doll house workshops online or offline, courses or kits also tell you valuable ideas concerning the how-to process. So don't forget them either. They could be the missing element in your learning quest.

Also in your study of other people's techniques do not forget to look at online book sites for great old and new books available. Books are one of the most amazing idea generators/motivators out there. So study book offerings and write down everything you like that you see.

Then with all your creative notes in hand begin forming your own Barbie doll house plans. It will surprise you just what is inside you that you should share with your Barbie doll's world.

Step 3: Put Yourself into Your Work...

After all your searching and exploring is complete begin asking yourself questions about your design.

Is there something missing in my design?
What is it that makes this truly my own?
Should I ask professionals their opinion?
Have I looked at every angle?
Should something be removed that simply does not make sense?
Do I start the doll house as one unit or work on each room separately?
How much will the design cost to construct?
Do I see any difficult areas that need reworking?
Have I over-complicated my design?
And on and on until you're satisfied with all your plan results and it really feels complete.
Make sure as you finish up this Barbie doll house plan that you do look deeply inside of who you are. Gather all the uniqueness inside to help make this design your own. Inside of you is the only way to truly and definitely make this an original design for Barbie.

It's all those little extra personal touches you add that makes it all come alive and work for you. So if you thought, "hey what about making Barbie a solarium my way," but never, then you've already lost something of value.

So never exclude your way, your ideas or who you are in any design process. Your work will be that much richer because of it.

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